The White Horse Guitar Club

How it all started…

Over 2 nights in late May, the eleven men who make up The White Horse Guitar Club took to the stage in the intimate room upstairs in The White Horse to perform a repertoire shaped by 10 years on the road together.

This album is the result of that shared endeavour – it is the culmination of hours upon hours spent together playing and touring, it’s the celebration of a friendship cemented over those 10 years and it is a keepsake that bears witness to the melody, joy and song created as a result.

The journey that has shaped the band has been transformative – there is therapy in singing together, solace in song and joy in musical expression. The gatherings over the years, from pub corners to auditorium stages, held communal melody and mirth at the centre and in a world of disconnection and isolation, this is a cause for great celebration. As for now?

Well, the adventure continues!

All our love to our beautiful families who enable the journey and who are the scaffolding to the melody, adventure and mirth. To the loved ones no longer with us, we dedicate this to you – “sometimes, even the strongest soldiers fall”.

Eleven voices as one, hearts committed and united, friendship confirmed

VENUE: National Opera House


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