The Three Amigos

When Jimmy Buckley, Robert Mizzell and Patrick Feeney decided to add another string to their bow by becoming ‘The Three Amigos’ concert act, they brought a new dimension to the Irish entertainment scene. Today their polished stage performances have become a byword in country music circles to such an extent that they are feted everywhere they go with their stunning show. While all three continue to embellish their careers on an individual front with their own bands, it’s when they come together under ‘The Three Amigos’ banner that they morph into an outstanding unit that has long since won acclaim throughout the country.

They may have enjoyed success in the ballrooms and in the recording sphere on an individual front but as ‘The Three Amigos’ they reach a new level. The trio’s many-sided talents come into play in what is a mesmerizing stage show, their enthusiasm and energy never failing to captivate their audiences. Their concert performances, indeed, have gone from strength to strength with their professionalism and versatility underpinning their shows. Make a point of getting to see them in action in The TLT Drogheda on Jan 11th  2024

VENUE: TLT Theatre


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