The Playboy of the Western World – Dolmen Theatre

A small community in County Mayo is thrown into turbulence with the arrival of Christy Mahon, a mysterious stranger claiming to have killed his father. The local men aren’t sure if he’s a danger and the local women find him fascinating. Michael Flaherty the local publican takes a shine to him, and his daughter Pegeen Mike finds his company preferable to that of her dull fiancée, Shawn Keogh.

Written by J.M. Synge and first performed in 1907 in the Abbey, The Playboy Of The Western World is considered a masterpiece of Irish theatre and famously provoked riots because of its depiction of the peasantry. W,B.Yeats famously faced the audience down declaring “You have disgraced yourself again, is this to be the recurring celebration of the arrival of Irish genius?”
VENUE: An Táin Arts Centre
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