The Other Selves

A reflection on ageing. The memory and anticipation of ordinary traumas and tragedies. The histories that are embedded in the way you feel your movement. The sufferings of others that have stuck to the skin, the bones the ligaments and which you carry with you. The inevitability of a continuing, perhaps pathetic, conversation with yourself… between yourselves… about who you are, who you have been… who you still might become…

The skeleton of this solo is made out of a series of letters between Anton and Anton, the protagonist of this solo. Letters about different topics related to different fears, ageing and desire. The material of the solo varies from movement scenes, to videos and text. What all materials have in common is a poetic sense to reveal some of the more hidden and deeper layers of the protagonist.

Benno is 65… maybe not such an age these days… but for a dancer? Maybe the intimations of ageing come earlier and more subtly for someone for whom movement is their art; but everyone moves, so maybe the dancers story is just a refined version of everyone’s.

The Other Selves is made during three residency periods at the Fabrik Potsdam, Studio ADA in Berlin and Echo Echo Dance Theatre Company in Derry/Northern Ireland, between November 2018 and March 2020. The first public performances in the middle of March 2020 were cancelled because of the pandemic. After 2 ½ years the première finally took place at Echo Echo Dance Theatre on 10 and 11 September, 2022.

VENUE: Watergate Theatre

LOCATION: Kilkenny

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