The High Kings The Road Not Taken Tour

2023 has been nothing short of remarkable for The High Kings. Following an epic world tour and the release of their highly anticipated 8th studio album The Road not Taken as well as unprecedented streaming numbers, ‘Ireland’s leading folk band’ have once again captured the hearts of fans across the globe with their spellbinding melodies and harmonies.

Marking 15 years together, their world tour, which sold out venues across Australia, Canada, Germany, Benelux, UK and the UAE as well as 3 tours of the USA, was met with resounding success, leaving audiences in awe. The band’s ability to continue to bridge cultural gaps and connect with fans on a profound level is a testament to their unique blend of traditional Irish folk music and contemporary sensibilities.

The release of their 8th studio album The Road not Taken was a milestone achievement, further solidifying The High Kings’ status as stalwarts of the folk music genre. Packed with soul-stirring ballads and spirited tunes, the album showcases the band’s musical prowess and storytelling abilities. It’s number one chart status is a true testament to their popularity and their ongoing dedication to preserving and innovating Irish folk music for a new generation of listeners.

In addition to their live performances and studio albums, The High Kings have shattered records in the streaming world. Their songs have garnered millions of streams, with particular appeal for Chasing Rainbows ( Badscandal Remix)  and Step it Out Mary ( Fari Mac Remix) both surpassing a million streams in record time,  showing that The High Kings enduring appeal transcends generations, attracting fans of all ages to their music.

Now, as they prepare to embark on their latest musical adventure, The Road Not Taken Tour, The High Kings are poised to continue their reign as ambassadors of Irish folk music.

This tour promises to be a celebration of their remarkable journey. The Road Not Taken Tour will take audiences on a captivating musical odyssey, featuring beloved classics and new tracks from their latest album.

The High Kings, known for their electrifying live performances, marked by rich harmonies, masterful instrumentation, and an unmistakable passion for their craft are excited to take this tour across Ireland as a celebration of their incredible achievements in 2023. And a heartfelt thank you to their dedicated fans, without whom none of this would be possible.

VENUE: National Opera House


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