The Good Father

It’s New Year’s Eve and most of the party guests are in the kitchen admiring photos of their babies. But two lonely strangers find themselves cut off from the rest. Jane was invited because she knows the people in the kitchen. Tim was invited because he painted the kitchen. Jane drunkenly asks Tim, “What are you doing for sex tonight?” And a few weeks later she calls him with some unexpected news: she’s pregnant…

Winner of the Stewart Parker Award, Christian O’Reilly’s heartfelt, moving drama charts Tim and Jane’s journey of love, loss, and redemption.

Praise for the play

“This is inescapable, electric dialogue…THE GOOD FATHER portrays a relationship that shouldn’t happen, but must…It’s the substance of every
romantic tale that’s ever been told and yet it shines through as if new, thanks to writing that skims along at breakneck pace.” – Irish Independent.

“…a refreshing take on a casual coupling and pregnancy…Peppered withsharp dialogue and witty one-liners, the script hovers between tragedy and comedy as O’Reilly emphasizes the chasm that divides the pair while tracing the ongoing development of their unlikely relationship…” – VARIETY.

“[O’Reilly’s] play is a voyage of discovery …tap[s] the emotions as few plays do, probing the minds and confusions of two people in trouble with life and each other.” – Irish Times.

“THE GOOD FATHER is a play that will have you laughing one moment and crying unabashedly the next.” – Poughkeepsie Journal.

VENUE: Smock Alley Theatre


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