The Carpenters Experience

The Carpenters Experience
The Carpenters Experience is the UK’s leading Carpenters
show, featuring the amazing voice of Maggie Nestor and
eight top-class musicians, captures the sights and sounds of
the amazing talents
of Richard and Karen Carpenter. Karen’s silky contralto is
combined with Richard’s delightful piano and seamless
harmonies in this big
production that brings Close To You, We’ve Only Just Begun,
Top of the World, Rainy Days and Mondays, Solitaire,
Goodbye to Love, Please Mr Postman, For All We Know, Only
Yesterday and dozens more classic songs to the stage.
It’s Yesterday Once More
When we were young, we’d listen to the radio, waiting for
our favourite songs. Now they’re back again, like a long-lost
friend, all the songs we loved so well. . .

VENUE: Moat Thetare


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