Sean Keane-The Distinctive Voice of Ireland

Seån Keane is a touchstone ofgreat singing tradition. He is the past, the present and the future. ” Shay Healy, songwriter, broadcaster and journalist.

Seån Keane was born in a small village called Caherlistrane near Tuam, Co. Galway. He grew up in a family of singers and musicians and learned the Sean-n6s style of singing from his mother and his aunts.

Seån’s musical voice is unique and his songs encompass a mixture of traditional

Irish folk music, blues, and country. While his roots are in old Ireland with the Keane family tradition of Sean-n6s singing, his voice lends itself beautifully to many different genres and his skill on the flute, whistles and pipes with which he punctuates songs, make his work unforgettable.

Seån’s songs such as “Isle of Hope, Isle of Tears”, “Galway to Graceland” and “Home Away From Home” are enduringly popular as is his more recent material like “Paint me a picture of Ireland”, “Natures Little Symphony”, and ‘One More Hour”

In 2020 he connected with audiences all over the world with his weekly Facebook live performances known as the Carragh Sunday Sessions.

He tours regularly with his band in Ireland, Austria, Germany, the US and Canada as well as appearing at major festivals world-wide and is enjoying his 2023 tour. He continues to delight audiences all over the world with his live performances and all of his recorded work.

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