New Ross Guitar Festival – Xuefei Yang

Experience the captivating artistry of Xuefei Yang at the New Ross Guitar Festival.
Renowned as one of the world’s finest classical guitarists, Xuefei’s performance promises an unforgettable evening of musical mastery. From her humble beginnings in China to international acclaim, Xuefei’s journey is as inspiring as her music.
Join us for a mesmerizing concert as she takes the stage, enchanting audiences with her virtuosity and passion.
A mastercalss with Xuefei Yang will take place on Saturday morning from 10-12 in St.Michaels THeatre, this is free to view, guitarists wishing book a place to perform for and be mentored by Xuefei should email for more details. Don’t miss this opportunity to witness a true musical legend in action.
Secure your tickets now and be part of a night to remember at the New Ross Guitar Festival!
VENUE: St.Michaels Theatre
Events may be subject to last-minute cancellations or changes. Verify event details before making plans.