Julie Madly Deeply

Having once again tricked her husband into another baby, Ireland’s most successful poor comedian Julie Jay is back with her brand new stand-up show Julie, Madly, Deeply. The show has been called the Eras tour of the Irish comedy scene with Dublin hotels doubling their prices in anticipation much to the consternation of Liveline listeners across the land.

As a Dingle native Julie’s fear of dolphins saw her socially ostracised and craving love the way Ryan Tubridy craves the Kennedys. Everytime a doorbell rings Julie rocks back and forth and repeats That Must Be Nigel With The Brie until a friend slaps her back to sanity. Julie doesn’t believe in evolution and is fairly sure her dad could also have fathered Kathryn Thomas (more on that later). Julie’s mortgage broker recently described her income as ‘volatile’ which can only be a good thing. Julie still maintains that Pat Kenny was the thinking 90s teenager’s Jason Donovan and that Kathy is just a fling – it is a Killiney hill she will die on.

VENUE: Cleere’s Bar

LOCATION: Kilkenny

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