Social Fabric Podcast: The Power of Human Connection

In the intricate tapestry of human connection, neuroscience plays a profound role in shaping our bonds and influencing addictive behaviours. The power of human connection is woven into the fabric of our brains, impacting our emotions, motivations, and well-being.

Through the lens of neuroscience, we can unravel the intricate dance between neurotransmitters and the craving for connection that underlies addictive tendencies.

Understanding the neurological mechanisms at play sheds light on the profound impact of social bonds on mental health and highlights the importance of fostering healthy connections to navigate the complexities of addiction and enhance overall well-being.

With a PhD in Psychology from Trinity College Dublin, Brian Pennie is a published author and trained neuroscientist. By combining lived experience with academic expertise, he develops programmes for blue-chip brands to help people gain full control over their mental, emotional, and external world.

Join Andrea and Brian as they tackle this very important topic live in the Whale Theatre.#

VENUE: Whale Theatre


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