Brigid 1500 : Louth Birthplace Of Brigid -‘Candlelit Tales’

The team at Candlelit Tales breathe life into the story of Brigid in their own unique style of breathing life back into Irish Myths. Set in the atmospheric surrounding of the Oriel Centre this will be a wonderful evening of storytelling and music.

“We are in the dark but brightening time just before Spring. Imbolg, also known as Brigid’s Day, a time for fertility, craft, creativity and healing to be felt through the land. Brigids cloak covers us in a shroud of cloud to keep the colder climate away some say. Others say it was divine power she was gifted for her cloak to be spread over her home in Kildare.

Some say it’s a story that started in little Louth. Either way, it’s a story that we have been working on for some time, in honour of the Goddess-turned-Saint. Candlelit Tales bring their unique style of musical Storytelling to tell this tale in the Oriel Centre in Dundalk, with live musical accompaniment, just as Brigid would have wanted. Be her a Saint, or a Goddess, or perhaps she was both.”

Please note the content of these stories may be triggering for some listeners, please take care of yourself as you listen. (Triggers include mentions of ostracisation, animal suffering, abortion, disease, and violent death

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VENUE: Oriel Centre


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