Alba Technique

Alba Technique empowers you to identify, create, and manage real emotion using only your body.

In Alba, there are 6 basic emotions: Anger, Joy, Fear, Sadness, and two forms of Love: Tenderness and Erotic. These are the primary colors of human emotion. All other feelings we identify are mixes of two (or more) of these core emotions.

Each basic emotion has its own Pattern of physical attributes – specific breathing, postural, and muscular tensions that inspire an in-the-moment response: an emotion.

  • Do you want to shift your daily habits and intentions?
    • Rewire the natural connectivity you were born with for increased health of body & mind.
  • Are you getting the audition, but not booking the job?
    • Discover new foundational tools that will give you practical control of your creative instrument.
  • Feeling “blocked” by your (or others’) emotional reactivity?
    • Gain practical knowledge of emotional intelligence, useful for practitioner & patient, consultant & client, executive & employee.

In an Alba class, there are no rights or wrongs, only brilliant discoveries.

You can expect to become happier, healthier, and more emotionally well-rounded. And most of all: An even better artist.

Join us today for class and begin your emotional journey!

VENUE: National Opera House


Events may be subject to last-minute cancellations or changes. Verify event details before making plans.