Áine Gallagher

Award-winning comedian and Ireland’s “queen of the offbeat” Áine Gallagher, is on a mission to prove that speaking Irish can be both accessible and hilarious. Following her recent sell-out national tour Áine is back using her quirky and deadpan style as her secret weapon as she navigates dating, mug-cake-baking, and mistake-making to create a wholly unique comedy experience. A comedy experience that is bilingual but also completely accessible and that guarantees to reignite your grá for the language and unlock your cúpla focal.
Known as Ireland’s only guerrilla Irish language enthusiast, Áine has been travelling the length and the breadth of the country with her Cup of Focals (a literal cup brimming with Irish words). Understanding the nation’s widespread fear of engaging in the Irish language, Áine mostly jumps out at people from behind my trees, hoping to surprise them and give them a focal from her cup.
However, in “FOR THE LOVE OF MILSEÁIN“, audiences can sit back, feel inspired and enjoy Áine’s tales, like when she met our president Michael D Higgins and other similar disasters in her own journey to learn Irish. With her deadpan, offbeat and wholly unique style, there is no doubt Áine will ignite your passion for Irish, even if you’ve never even heard the language before.
VENUE: Cleere’s Bar
LOCATION: Kilkenny
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