2024 Happenings Saturday Yoga – Dartmouth Square

Happenings yoga, now in its 16th year, starts on March 16th with, as recent tradition would have it, The Saint Patricks Festival at 11am in Dartmouth Square, and as ancient tradition would have it we will begin with the magical Louise Horgan, expect a master class as we begin our year of Dartmouth Square Yoga.

Book online, or pay cash or revolut at the class – 10 yo yo’s for your pleasure.

Every Saturday at 11am, stay tuned to Happenings Yoga FB page for updates and to Instagram @happeningsireland for teachers and weather updates

Bring a mat and try not to drive if you live close enough!

All levels welcome, come all yee and stretch out that week and connect with this stunning space, the home of yoga in the park in Dublin.

VENUE: Dartmouth Square


Events may be subject to last-minute cancellations or changes. Verify event details before making plans.